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29-Nov-2017 12:26

After the introduction, no need to put on an act, I see that at work every day. Actors are artists, and any date that is imaginative and creative will be wonderful.Don’t try to impress me with material things, impress me with your mind and your words. Watching some performance art or music, even a romantic scavenger hunt would be fun.

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Porn star Allie Haze has been dating her boyfriend, Mike Adkins, for about a year now.Jack Nicholson’s romantic history is the stuff of legend, Hollywood myth, and tell-all memoirs.And on Tuesday, a new tale of the 78-year-old Oscar winner’s unparalleled game surfaced on the Internet.It is an impressive story that both showcases the actor’s seduction chutzpah and explains his mystifying 1999 romance with Lara Flynn Boyle.

The story comes from David Spade, the former (via Page Six), “Nicholson asked Lara Flynn Boyle out in front of me, while we were all smoking a doob somewhere.”According to the actor, Boyle “got mad because I didn’t stick up for her.” But Spade says he had his reasons.“I said, ‘I’ve been in this town long enough to know when I’m outranked,’” Spade remembers saying. I would love that one last romance, a real romance, but I’m not very realistic about it happening.”Those forlorn sentiments didn’t keep Nicholson from trying, however, earlier that year, when he shamelessly flirted with Jennifer Lawrence—50-odd years his junior—on camera at the 2013 Oscars. There’s no need to be dubious about dating an actor. Actors are used to being turned down, so disappointment doesn’t faze them. A night out with an actor can result in all manner of craziness.